Some Questions You Might Have About Working With a Migration Agent in Australia


If you're thinking of moving to Australia permanently or for any length of time, you might want to work with a migration agent. They can assist you through the process of getting your visa and other such paperwork and also give you advice on how to ensure your success. Since you aren't legally obligated to work with a migration agent, you might wonder why their services are necessary and what they can do for you. Note a few questions about their work and then discuss these with an agent so you can make the best decision before your move.

1. What can a migration agent do that I can't do myself online?

It is true that you can usually file all the paperwork needed for your visa application online, but keep in mind that this process is usually much more complicated than you might realize. For example, if you're coming to Australia to be with someone with whom you're in a relationship but not married, there are different forms to fill out if you're planning on being married or not.

There are also many restrictions you must follow when you're applying for certain visas such as for getting work in Australia versus going to school, or both. A migration agent can get detailed information about your situation and why you want to move to the country and then ensure you choose the right visa type and fill out the forms correctly, so nothing is overlooked or delayed.

2. Does a migration agent guarantee my success, or can they speed up my application?

A migration agent cannot guarantee your success in obtaining a visa, as the decision is still made by the immigration agency to which you apply. However, they can reduce your risk of having your visa denied because of not having supporting paperwork or because of applying for the wrong type of visa. In the same way, they cannot somehow have your visa jump ahead of all the other applicants who are having theirs processed, but they can also reduce your risk of delays because of improper paperwork, overlooking certain details, not including the right filing fee, and so on.

3. What if I've already filed for a visa?

A migration agent can advise you on the chances of your success of being approved, based on what they know about the immigration process. This can tell you if you should continue to make your plans for moving to Australia or if you should be prepared to have your application denied for whatever reason.

Migration agents can be a great help when you're trying to get a visa to move to Australia, so don't hesitate to enlist one for your situation. 


24 May 2016

Moving my family to Australia

I was an IT worker in Iraq before the war broke out. I knew that I wanted a life free of war and conflict for my family so I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make and moved my family to Australia for a new job. Over time I got my permanent residency, then we all became citizens. Eventually we have brought more of our family to Australia to share in our wonderful life here, including my parents and my wife's brother. This blog is all about the immigration processes needed to move to Australia, and then how you can assist your extended family to immigrate.